Friday, February 18, 2011

Mostly Needlepoint blog

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Sorry to be so quiet; kind of overwhelmed with all things going on at the moment. How are you doing?

Rainbow Birds by Danji • LB 10

I did wanted to give you the heads up of a new blog to mark and begin following from Vicky De Angelis called Mostly Needlepoint. Here's the link.

Vicky is a talented stitcher, multiple ANG winner, and stitch guide writer, too. It will be fun to see these Rainbow Birds comes to life.

OK... that's all for now.  Back to assembling Amy's March 2011 e-newsletter, stitching the NeedleDeeva Halloween Club for a June 2011 reveal, writing customer's stitch guides, and hugging a cat every now and then.

Thanks, Robin

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  1. Hi Robin

    Thanks for the heads up about Vicky. She is a great gal and I am so pleased to see she has started a blog. Vicky is a very talented stitcher.

    Hope your having fun

    Sue VanderNoor


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