Saturday, November 16, 2013

Autumn Blossoms (LL 532) is finished

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Remember we just spoke about the PFOS event... and all the many canvases...

Patricia Sone, extraordinary stitcher/teacher at Creative Stitches, Dallas TX, was in the class. Her selected canvas was "Autumn Blossoms" by Labors of Love (LL 532).

Autumn Blossoms • Labors of Love • LL 532

I really enjoyed working on the stitch guide and pulling the threads. I was smitten with her outfit.

Vineyard Silk Top Jacket... yummy warm.

I had an idea about the Top Jacket, and had an idea about the Green Dress, but really studied the Vest to make it special.

Inspiration was found in one of my Brenda Hart book. (If you don't have each of her books you are really missing something!) I took her stitch (one of the Kennan Variations) and then morphed it into the stitch of my needs.

Patricia is a very fast stitcher; during the class she made strides of coverage. Each flower treatment was discussed. It was fun watching this canvas come to life.

Pretty Pansy with Buttonhole Technique

Marigold Mums with Ribbon Embroidery

Imagine how surprised I was to receive an email from Patricia last week. She had finished "Autumn Blossoms" and sent me the photo. Remember, the PFOS event was only 6 weeks ago!

Autumn Blossoms • Labors of Love • LL 532
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

I was thrilled beyond words and wanted to share with all the blog readers. Thank you, Patricia!

Well, back to writing guides and doing some stitching for a fun upcoming project, too. (Can't wait to share the news with you!)

Next up on the blog will be my review from teaching at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta.  It was a weekend-full of Canvas Enhancement classes. Wait till you see those guides!

Until then... Hugs, Robin

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