Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta experience - part 1

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

I wanted to let you know about the wonderful time I had teaching at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta last month. I was there for 3 days... action-packed fun-filled days.

The Nimble Needle
Sandy Springs, GA

The first day was what we called the "Help is on the Way" class. People came in with their work-in-progress canvases and asked my help... getting stitch suggestion for certain areas on their canvas. The day was divided up into appointments by the hour. It was a most productive day.

The second and third days were "Canvas Enhancement" classes. By definition, the canvases had been previously sent to me to write a detailed stitch guide.

The suggested threads were pulled (with fabulous teamwork from The Nimble Needle-Atlanta) so when it was each person's turn, I was able to talk with them about the complete stitch guide vision.

There were 8 canvases on the first day and 8 canvases on the second day.

We had a funny, yet effective, way of keeping time: we used the clock feature on the Smart Phone. When the bell rang, it was time to move onto the next person. Kind of like Speed Dating? LOL.

Here are some of the beauty shots of the canvases with their thread layouts:

Lawn Mowers • Ewe & Eye • EWE 259
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Melons and Peaches • Colors of Praise • FF111
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

The Fourth • Sandra Gilmore • SG-18-295
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Bunny with Flower • Maggie Co.  • M-919
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Approaching the Skies • Quail Run • QR-020A
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Cookies • Maggie Co. • M-1206
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Tree Tallit Bag • Sew Much Fun
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Pagoda Birdhouse • Melissa Prince Designs • A134
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

These canvases were also there for the Canvas Enhancement classes...

Who Gives a Hoot? • JP Designs  • DDB 003
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Slippers • Colors of Praise • MC226
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Large Tulip Field 2 and Small Tulip Field 1 • Jean Smith • 169B and 169C
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Stand Up Santa • Alexa • SC 112
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Witch Tree Skirt • Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD 552
Stitch Guide available from Robin King

I showed some demonstrations of the Colonial Running Rose for the Flower Pot in front of the Boylan's Pub...

It is always fun to do a demonstration.

and the Twisted Lazy Daisy for one of the Witch's Hair on the Witch Tree Skirt...

Love to show and share what I know.

Dining was a treat as well. We went to Table & Main located in Roswell, GA. Their slogan: Simple, Seasonal, and Southern. Definitely worth going.

Another meal was at Seed located in Marietta, GA. Remember I've mentioned my fondness for clever restroom signage? Seed did not disappoint. Here's an example of the chairs; the legs are hand-dipped in red paint...

Seed Restaurant

... and so are the restroom signs... very clever.

Seed Restaurant

Seed Restaurant

The pinnacle meal was at Bacchanalia located in Atlanta, GA whose offering was a five-course prix fixe menu composed of two small appetizer courses, an entrĂ©e course, cheese course and dessert course. Oh, my goodness. I selected the Chocolate Cake with Mint Ice Cream for dessert. I can still taste the freshly picked naturalness of the Mint.

Dessert at Bacchanalia

I'll be back to The Nimble Needle-Atlanta the first week in February 2014 for more "Help is on the Way" and "Canvas Enhancement" classes. Their canvases have already started to roll in... so far both are Charley Harper designs. What a treat!

I have more to share with you about The Nimble Needle-Atlanta adventure. The stitchers brought in their finished pieces from my previous "Canvas Enhancement" class in April. Let's do it next time, OK?

Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Nutcracker
Christian Ulbricht

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

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