Friday, January 25, 2013

4 finished Sugar Skulls ready for TNNA/Long Beach

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

The Sugar Skulls came back from the finisher. Join me in doing my Happy Dance. Thanks to the entire team at Elizabeth Turner Collection; record speed and awesome results, indeed.

The Sugar Skulls (from NeedleDeeva) will be on display (Booths 1261/1360) during the TNNA Market in Long Beach, CA.

Each of the Skulls were finished on a stick with fun, decorative ribbons. I am using a clear vase with small clear glass marbles. Just stick in and enjoy.

Pink Sugar Skull (ND 453C)
Sunglasses Sugar Skull "Elton John" (ND 453D)
NeedleDeeva • Stitch Guides by Robin King

Blue Sugar Skull (ND 453A)
Star Sugar Skull (ND 453E)
NeedleDeeva • Stitch Guides by Robin King

We are ready for our close-ups...

Leo is on set supervising the photo shoot.

"OK, look at the camera and smile."

Someone is "mugging" for attention.

Sugar Skull photobomb

Market is in one week. Tomorrow I will make the thread kits for the two classes. There are still seats available for both classes. Come spend the morning 8AM - 10AM with me (Saturday/Sugar Skull and Sunday/Thistle).

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. These are hilarious! I had no idea they had so much personality until I saw what you did with them. GREAT JOB!

    Jane, hoping there is no photo bombing here in CH (whew! Watson's asleep!)

  2. Hi Jane. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Thanks for your kind words, too. I love that Photobombing is a new term for throw away photos. Hugs to you and Watson.


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