Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TNNA/Columbus 2012 - wrap up - part 2

Hi Everybody...  Robin here...

I have the Way-Back Machine waiting for you. Let's continue my story from TNNA/Columbus and go to What's The Point? Needlepoint, shall we?

I had been invited to teach the Sunflower and Berries canvas by NeedleDeeva (ND 309). Stumpwork, Beading, Silk Ribbon Embroidery, and composite stitches make this 8x8 design fun to stitch. And, don't forget, the canvas comes with my stitch guide.

Have you been to What's the Point? Needlepoint in downtown historic Dublin, Ohio? Located just outside of Columbus, their shop is filled with canvases, threads, accessories, and wonderment. Quaint, charming, and magical are the best words I can describe. Lynn and Becky (owners) have a jewel of a needlepoint shop. They even have a nice employee named Kitty. Too cute!

What's The Point? Needlepoint
Dublin, OH • www.whatsthepoint.biz

Class was held right across the street in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce conference room. Spacious, great lighting, comfortable chairs and a place to spread out... what else could you ask for? 

Most of the women attending the class were local to the Columbus area, but there were two ladies who drove down from Cleveland to take the class. Too cool.

The morning session covered the Stumpwork portion of the canvas. Look at these Strawberries. Everyone did really good. What a success!

Lunch was served back over at the shop and we ate outside under the shaded trees.  I believe Lynn & Becky had even ordered the Chamber of Commerce Weather Package; it was 83 degrees with a gentle breeze. Purr-fect.

The afternoon session focused on the rest of the stitch guide. Every detail was discussed. I believe I left them in good standing for what to do next.

I traveled back home the next day... to Memphis. 

Jim Neely's Interstate Bar-B-Que
Convenient locations including the Memphis International Airport
Home of BBQ, the Blues, Elvis and the HEAT. I know most of you are experiencing this heat, too. Crazy!

Best take a cue from Leo... and stay cool.

Glad to be home... I missed my mews. Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

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  1. Indeed he is 100% natural as the box says. This is so cute. It always amazes me the love cats have for boxes.
    Stay cool Robin and have a great 4th


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