Monday, July 23, 2012

Flowers in a Vase • ND 311

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's time to start talking about my next teaching piece, Flowers in a Vase (ND 311) by NeedleDeeva.

Considering these threads for Flowers in Vase (ND 311)
Stitch Guide by Robin King

I will be teaching this piece at The Bristly Thistle in Amelia Island, FL on the second day of my two-day visit. I have never been to Michele Herron's shop and am looking forward to it. Come see me October 12 and 13, 2012, if you are in the area.

Flowers in a Vase is on 18 mesh and the canvas design measures 8" W x 8" H. For reference, it is the same size as Sunflower and Berries (ND309). It is my plan for this piece to have just as much fun: Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Stumpwork, Beads, composite stitches and Sparkles.

So, with the deadline clock ticking, it is time to begin my stitching journey. First, was the dark brown area. What to do?... Well, nothing says "dark brown background area/it's not an important area/need an easy stitch" like Skip Tent. And, that's what I did. Love it especially when jumping over and around the flowers... it is so easy to compensate.

Next was the Tan Border. Here's where I put my Photoshop skills to the test. What to do... what to do? First, I thought I might want a geometric/rounded design. I had seen this one, and laid it out as a second layer; keeping the original document in tact. It looked OK so I began stitching. After a few stitches, I realized I was traveling down the wrong path. Too similar to the vase and flowers. I needed something different.

I needed another stitch... something more linear. My inner voice was cheering me on. A linear design was certainly opposite to the geometric/rounded design. Again, in Photoshop, a new layer was selected and I began designing. (Oh, if only I could stitch as fast as I draw...) The white lines were selected to give me something to see, but actually the threads chosen do match the painted canvas.

I was liking it, and again, began stitching. It did look better than the first geometric/round stitch... BUT... something was just not right. The linear design was "too busy."  There was no place for my eyes to rest.

Enter Basketweave to the rescue. What?!! Yes, by alternating the linear design with a Basketweave section, my eyes were able to rest... which made me appreciate the linear design even more. Problem solved.

So, that's all to report as of now. Like I said, the deadline clock is ticking. Let me know what you think so far.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. Thanks for letting us into your thought process. A great learning experience for those of us who can't make it to a class.

  2. I love your ultimate decision!! It's beautiful. I, too, appreciate your thought process described. I wish I could take your awesome that would be! Maybe, one day.

  3. As always Robin, this is Awsome.!! Enjoying your teaching thoughts. When o am deciding on what stitches to use on a piece, in my head I am always reminding myself to allow areas for resting the eyes and. I so appreciated your comment on that!! That's not always taken into consideration with some stitchers. I hope this will be a stitch guide and canvas that will be available for us long distant stitchers to purchase!! Hope to be able to join in on one of your classes sometime! Hugs, Donnelle

  4. Hi Donnelle. Great to hear from you. Yes, the Stitch Guide will be available with canvas to any/all interested. You can contact Michele/The Bristly Thistle for information. It is fun to share my "oops" moments as well as my "ahh-ha" moments. Hugs to you! Robin

  5. Hi Joanne. Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy reading your blog. Your stitching is inspiring.

  6. Hi Anonymous. I sure wish I knew who you were so I could personally thank you for your kind words. Thanks for visiting the blog. I am always glad to share what I know. Remember, I am the See One, Do One, Teach One gal.

  7. I just adore that background.
    You rock, Robin

  8. Beautiful job Robin! Looks like I will need to add this one to the never-ending stash as well! I'm hoping to retire at the end of this year and then I will have plenty of time to come take one of your classes! Hope the kitties are doing well...Augie sends greetings!

  9. I'm very excited! I'll be attending the Bristly Thistle classes. Michele's e-mail sent on 7/25 said there were a couple spots still available. So hurry, hurry, people!


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