Monday, July 2, 2012

TNNA/Columbus 2012 - wrap up - part 1

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Back home from an exciting TNNA/Columbus Market and teaching at
What's The Point? Needlepoint in Dublin, OH.

Step with me into the Way-Back Machine as I recap this wonderful experience...

Most of my time was spent working in the NeedleDeeva booth. Here is what the
Fab Firs looked like all together. The 6-foot Fab Firs banner was a nice beacon to draw people towards them.

Join the next Retailer's Club by NeedleDeeva
Fab Firs • Stitch Guides by Vicky De Angelis
The new NeedleDeeva designs were well received, too:  13 Christmas Cupcakes,
3 Cats and the Sugar Skulls that I am stitching (stitch guides available).

Can you guess which Skull goes with this preview? They are so much fun to stitch. Bring on the bling!

0453-C • Stitch Guide by Robin King
I finally took the time to walk the floor and visit friends/designers. How exciting is it to call them by their first names... and, for them to know mine! Here are some of the new canvases which caught my eye at the Maggie Co / Ewe & Eye booths. I love anything mid-century modern so these really spoke to me.

Maggie Co
Blue Bird •  M-1488
In the Pink •  M-1487
Maggie Co
Mod Holiday Dove • M-1597
You know I had to include a cat canvas...

Ewe & Eye
EWE 391KB • Brown Cat
and my usual and customary fondness for anything Santa...

Ewe & Eye
EWE 390KB • Fat Santa
and Pumpkins, too...

Ewe & Eye
EWE 373KB • Pumpkin in Vase

I really enjoyed seeing the artwork by Lisa Krause from Deuxbijouxbijoux. Lisa lives in Arkansas with her husband, Jim, and designs hand-painted frames to coordinate with the Maggie Co and Ewe & Eye canvases. Just look at this frame for Sheep Quilt. I love it. Your local needlepoint shop can order these.

Hand-painted Frame by Lisa Krause
EWE-359 • Sheep Quilt
The class I taught at TNNA (Lotus Squared • ZE 134 by Zecca) for the shop owners was a success. Originally, I was told there were 10 who signed up... and then 14... and finally 15. How exciting to see all of their faces. Shop owners from Alabama, Ohio, Tennessee, Minnesota, Baltimore, Arizona, Indiana, Texas, Pittsburgh, and Hawaii were in attendance.

One of those dry eraser boards was brought in for my demonstrations and illustrations. A picture is worth 1,000 words, right?

Early plans were also made with some designers and shop owners for future stitching and teaching events. I will keep you in the loop as those materialize. Perhaps you could join me? Here's the schedule for the next upcoming markets. Whew! Who knew the needlepoint industry worked at such a fast pace?

On Monday afternoon, the Market came to an end... and it was time to pack up the NeedleDeeva booth. Soon after that, I was whisked away for my teaching of the Sunflower and Berries (ND 309) canvas at What's The Point? Needlepoint.

Sounds like a good stopping point for now. Next time we will pick up from here...  Until then...

Hugs, Robin


  1. You are amazing! What a schedule. Someday hopefully I will be able to take one of your classes. I have ordered the sunflower and berries canvas and your stitch guide. Looking forward to receiving it and get it started!!
    Happy 4th!, Best, Donnelle Anderson

  2. Happy 4th to you, too. Have fun with the Sunflower and Berries. Email me with any questions, too... OK? Hugs, Robin


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