Friday, May 13, 2011

Hooty Owl is finished (NeedleDeeva 0467-i)

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Another week has come and gone. Whew! What a busy time it is. Hope you are doing OK.

Halloween Hooty Owl • ND 0467-i
NeedleDeeva • Creepy Characters

Here's Hooty. He is all finished. He is one cute bird. There are sparkly threads and fuzzy ones, too. Beads and Ribbons; everything you would want for your Halloween festivities. With this Creepy Characters series, I have been carrying over threads from kit to kit... occasionally adding new threads for that WOW factor. I even used the DMC Glow in the Dark Floss E940 for his eyes. Spooky!

So far there are 8 Retail Shops across the USA going to carry this Club series. And, that's before the official TNNA Market/June 2011 push begins. We are glad for these shops and looking forward to more carrying the Creepy Characters canvases from NeedleDeeva.

Next on my Creepy Characters list is Dracula. He's pale with a dapper outfit. Be sure to let me hear from you. Please share any finished Halloweenies or progress reports on your Halloweenies, too. You can email me your photos or send a blog link. Thanks, Robin


  1. Love the Hoot', is Amy's carrying the club?

  2. Hi Sheena,
    I believe so. Check with Jill and she can give you all of the details. They are taking interested names now. Thanks, Robin

  3. Adorable. My favorite although I have to say I have a thing for that crazy looking cat

  4. Hi Palma. I agree, Fraidy Cat was the first character I did. Love his mug. I nicknamed his sidekick, Spidey. Glad you like that crazy looking cat. Me, too.


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