Monday, March 21, 2011

a word from Elliot, the Cat

Hi Everybody... Elliot here.

Robin's getting ready for her appointment with her CPA.  I'll be glad when April 15th is over. When she's doing her taxes, she doesn't have much time for me. My solution is to curl up on her paperwork.

She said she will be back to the blog shortly. Until then... keep on purring. Elliot


  1. Poor kitty! Mean Robin to ignore you! (and us--LOL)

  2. Hey there Elliot! When my mom ignores me I knock her pretty thready things in the floor and try to hide her scissors. Just an idea for you to try next time she isn't giving you attentions!
    ~ Augie Cat

  3. Elliot! you can come to my house and play! You are a very handsome kitty.

  4. Oh Poor Elliot. I feel your pain and a great place to curl up and show her you mean business. You are such a pretty baby and I am sure your Mom will give you a treat when she is over her stressful appointment.

    Sue V

  5. Hi Everybody... Elliot is feeing the love from each of your comments. The CPA appointment went fine today... now, that doesn't mean the $$ is good... just that I brought all of the details to the table. Tomorrow/Today (Geez... where does the time go?) I will put all new 2011 files in order. Then.... IT"S Time to pick up a NEEDLE and stitch! Woohoo! Hugs, Robin

  6. Poor Baby my foot!- Elliot stop whining - you know cats rule! Tell her off and move on - flash those beautiful eyes and go back to the master kitty you know you are - bring her a not so departed mouse and show her you mean business! Start living as the king again! (no pun intended)
    Love you - tuna to the rescue - it heals bad cat-atude!
    Auntie Deeva


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