Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Wonderful Tale

The graveyard had been booked for a wedding on August the 8th, so this reporter’s Bride Z. Illa had to leave her Vera Wang gown hanging in the trees on the vines.

Her satin pumps were left resting on top of a tombstone, and her crown of violets and the hand-tied bouquet of exquisite flowers were placed with care in the mausoleum, so that the flowers remained fresh and perky.

Dapper Dan with his Dazzling Dentures, took off his wonderful tattered Armani jacket, loosened his bow tie and set down his walking stick.

He placed his fedora on top of the pumpkin and made himself comfortable for the night. After all, he had eternity to spend with his Bride!!!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were not unhappy to have and extra night above ground.

Rhett scampered amongst the leaves and fallen debris in the graveyard, and the crow left the nest to perch on a nearby tree.

You see....Lisa, as wedding planner extraordinaire, had pre-booked Shady Rest Garden of Good and Evil for her bridal party last night.

And so, tonight is the night for this reporter’s wedding.

Steamy and humid.
Thunderstorms are marching through.
The power has been out in the neighbourhood for most of the day (seriously).

The ceremony begins at 11:00 PM.

Instead of Kir Royal, the bride and groom have requested Vampire Clicquot Cocktails with a shot of Blood to toast their union. The caterer has prepared mushroom caps filled with spider legs, resting on a bed of bone dust.

No photos will be published of the event. The bride and groom have sold their story to People Magazine, so pick up your copy next week at your local checkout counter!

Plans for their wedding trip have not been announced.

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  1. That's too cute, Peggy! Very creative! Can't wait to check out People next week although I would have thought National Enquirer would have outbid them for this story. They do make a nice couple!

  2. Everyone...please know this cute tale was written by Susan-not by me. It is wonderful. If anyone ever feels this creative surge and would like me to post it I will be glad to. It is good to hear another voice.

    Thank you SUSAN!

  3. Wonderful tale! Anything with Clicquot can't be bad.

  4. Peggy

    Very creative writing and Susan outdid herself. Thanks for sharing and as always "the fun continues"

    Sue VanderNoor

  5. Hi, Peggy. I have a question about the pumpkins on the right side. There's a bit of pale brown and a smaller bit of green painted on them. I assume it is some vine and straw? Should we stitch the orange over these two colors or stitch around them?

    I love the look of the finished doorway and steps - very classy!


  6. Hi Nancy,

    Though the instructions aren't explicit, I suggest we follow Amy's phrase, "Ignore the painted canvas.". Meaning, stitch the orange over the bit of green and brown on the lower pumpkins. Then you will go back and use that fabulous thread used on the grass...I mean weeds used on the bottom over the bricks. Also see the top of the pumpkin on the bride. You will do something like that.

    Great to hear from you.

  7. The landscaping of the Haunted House is not brought to us by HerbiSystems... they cancelled their contract 157 years ago.

  8. That sounds like a good plan. Thanks, Peggy, for the guidance.



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