Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where has the Time gone?

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Yikes! Where has the Time gone?

I haven't moved forward on the Merry Mobile Ice Cream Truck. I have been enjoying some ice cream... kind of doing research, if you will. I hope to regain my Mojo and paint the background. I've got some fun stitch ideas so I best get busy. I've been working on my 2 TNNA Class canvases for January 2011, but I can't preview/show you them until probably this Fall/Winter.

I have been writing Stitch Guides. My pile is now down to 17 in waiting. Woohoo!

So what else have I been doing?  Here's one thing: I've photographed some of the Models from NeedleDeeva which will be posted onto her website. Here's Rhett O'Hare and Scarlett O'Hare.

Rhett O'Hare
Scarlett O'Hare
Aren't they the cutest things! I love the Carrot background design. And, those 3-D Baskets are no longer a mystery if you've seen DVD #7, The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving.

DVD #7, The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving

Call me your one-stop creative shop. Photography services available, too. Well, enjoy your day... stay cool. Thanks, Robin

UPDATE: Here's the contact information for the Rhett and Scarlet O'Hare Stitch Guides. Debbie Bowers designed the Stitch Guides for these wonderful NeedleDeeva canvases.

Needle Orts, Inc.
1002 W. State Road 436, Suite 1024
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
(877) 869-0078


  1. Hi Robin,

    Rhett and Scarlet are just soo cute. Do you know if Amy has the canvases and stitch guides for them?
    Hope your staying cool. This has really been one hot summer.


  2. Robin

    Love Rhett and Scarlet...they are precious and look like fun to stitch. Your an enaler. LOL

    Hope your staying cool. It's hot here too but at least we don't have humidity but hot is hot in my book.

    Hello to you from Sherry Bray...had a class from her last Saturday. Did your ears burn? All good, trust me. Will see her on Wed as my graddaughter and I are going to spend most of the day with her and stitch

    Looking forward to seeing what your teaching at the next TNNA

    Sue VanderNoor

  3. Hi, Robin - Thanks for sharing Rhett and Scarlett with us. They are almost too cute for words! I love the finishing. I wondered what was happening with the Merry Mobile Ice Cream Truck and now I know - ice cream research. Sounds good to me!

  4. Hi Linda. I've emailed Judee/NeedleDeeva to find out if there are Stitch Guides available for Rhett & Scarlett. I'll let you know what I find out. They really are wonderful and very creative.

  5. Hi Sue,
    I've learned how to enable from the best: Jane/Chilly Hollow. Please send hugs to Sherry. Hope to see her at the next TNNA in Long Beach. I know you and your granddaughter will have the best time. Be sure to share with us. Thanks, Robin

  6. Hi Melinda,
    Loved your recent posting about the Groom. Great job! I think tonight will be my night to pick up the paint brush. Ice Cream research is very rewarding. Thanks, Robin

  7. Hi Robin,
    Pick up a paint brush in one hand and an ice cream spoon with the other, and all should move along quickly! Thanks for catching all of us up on your summer activities.


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