Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another peek.

I just finished reading the stitch guide for Dr. Acula.  It is fabulous!  Lots of great tips.

Here's another peek.


  1. Candles and Spiders and Background, oh MY!

  2. As usual I am getting more exciting. Can we spell drooling? Of course, I have nothing to work on before the good Dr arrives. LOL LOL LOL

    Sue VanderNoor whose nose is growing.

  3. I am liking the look of the new background.

    The wedding rings required a lot of concentration and then deciding that I really did NOT have to be 'perfect' as long as the effect was there!

    Did my type-A personality good to recognize, realize and then let go!!


  4. I let go of that perfection on the wedding rings too. The effect is what is important on the bride and the groom. Amy has picked the perfect background for each character. I like that they are all different.

    Good for you Susan!


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