Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spooky Guys

I  had two needles going as I did the sculls.  I had not done that on some of the other Characters.  It went much easier for me this way.  Amy provides a great chart to follow.  But if you get off a stitch or two, don't take it out.  It will still look good.  Also, see my favorite magnet.



  1. Love your bc magnet, Peggy. That's one of my favorite ones, too.

  2. Re: The Haunted House - after days of working the raised stem stitch, I have finished the arches over the door and windows! Hooray! Believe me, I'm grateful for Amy's comment that stitching imperfections are part of the old, pitted appearance of the stone. What a difference the three-dimensional look of these features makes. Now on to the balustrade and columns - I'm hoping the straight stitching will be easier for me than the curves.


  3. Congrats Nancy. That inspires us all. I bet the straight area go really fast now that you have mastered the stitch.

    Way to go!

  4. Nancy,

    You are correct on the diagram errors you found. Thank you for catching it and sharing your discovery.

    Ladies, refer to the second installment of the Haunted House. On page 8, line 6, diagram #18 should be diagram#17; line 9, diagram 19 should be diagram #18; line 12, diagram 17 should be diagram 9B. I will post this again when we start back on the house next month.

    Thanks again to Nancy for spotting it for us. It takes a village!


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