Thursday, July 15, 2010

The dog ate my homework!

Ok, I don't have a dog.  But I have a cat...who nicked the Neon Rays in the Grum'e's pants just as I was finishing them.  It happened when I flipped the canvas over to tie off the thread.  I couldn't even get mad at him.  He just wanted a little attention.

It affected one side of the pumpkin too.  So it is a little set-back.  My advice on the pants.  Count, count, count.  The color chart is invaluable.  Remember which color you are on in the graph as you go.  If you must stop for a while, stop with the needle up on top of the canvas, and in the middle of a row. And write down which color you have stopped on.  I promise, you will not remember it if you don't write it down, and then you will waste time counting to see which row you are on.  This will all make sense when you look at the chart.  It is one of my favorite stitches.

I hope your stitching is going well.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your setback! Your tips on the pants are all good ones and I urge everyone to pay attention to them. I am glad that when I started the pants that I had set aside a nice block of time to work on them. That way I got the pattern in my mind - although it did take a lot of referencing back to the chart. On the surface, just to look at the finished product, it doesn't appear to be a complicated pattern. But, it doesn't take long once you have begun the stitches to realize there's more to it than you might have thought. It is a great pattern and I like the two threads that Amy selected. That may be the first time I have said something good about Neon Rays! Although it's only because of your great tip about running it through the curling iron!


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