Monday, July 5, 2010

Floating Cat with Pumpkin Balloon is FINISHED!

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Yesterday, while observing the "proper" July 4th holiday, I treated myself to some needlepoint time. And, guess what? I finished the Floating Cat with Pumpkin Balloon. Yippee!

When last we spoke, I was going to work on the Eyes. It took three attempts, but I finally got the results I wanted. I believe the Eyes are very important, and I wanted him to have the biggest eyes. After all, look how high he is above the buildings! Then I did the Nose and then the Mouth. I used the new Kreinik Holographic Thread size 8 Blinding Black #005L for the Whiskers. It gave a nice reflective sparkle and attitude for our floating friend.

The last thing on the list to do was the Balloon String. I used Petite Frosty Rays with a Wrapped Backstitch; love it.

So now he's finished. The official number of this canvas from Kirk & Hamilton is KH115. They have it listed on their website as a Spectacles Case... that's Eyeglasses Case for us on this side of the Pond. The design is 3"W x 6½" H on 18 mesh.

If you are new to the Needlepoint Study Hall blog and just found the Floating Cat with Pumpkin Balloon, I have labeled this topic as Floating Cat as well as Kirk and Hamilton. The Topics List is on the right column; under Our Blog List is Growing entries. Just click on either topic and all previous blog entries will come up bundled for your viewing pleasure. I am compiling all of my stitches and threads for a stitch guide. Let me know if you are interested in it.

So now, what's next for Robin? Well, this morning, I'm a bit clueless. I did receive in the mail the wonderful new canvas from Zecca which I will be stitching & creating a Stitch Guide & teaching at TNNA in Long Beach January 2011... but that needs to remain secret for a little while. My previous NSH postings have been Jane/Chilly Hollow inspired; I do have an awesome Stash, however.

Enjoy your "extended" July 4th holiday today.  I will see you soon. Thanks, Robin


  1. Congratulations! I love his eyes, the tiny little wisps of fur sticking out from his head and those whispers. You did a lovely job, Robin.

    As for your next design, it's summer. You need to stitch something small for a tote bag applique. Keep an eye on the sale purses now that summer things are on sale and rummage in your stash for something that'll make a killer bag pocket....

    Jane, shouting encouragement from CH where I have two new tote bags after all and am planning Number Three

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Jane.

    What a great idea, Jane. Something small... something for a tote bag applique... I do like where this is going. I really enjoyed making the MEOW Tote and did wish I had a tote bag for myself. Pardon me while I dig in the Stash. Yippee.. thanks, O' Grand Enabler. Ever you humble follower, Robin.

  3. Robin,

    That is a perfect background stitch. I love the fuzzy stuff around the head too.

  4. I just got this canvas and love what you have done on him. Can't wait to get started, need to check out the thread stash to see what I'll need to buy. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Carol. Glad to know you have the Floating Cat canvas. Isn't it cute! Be sure to share with us how yours goes. It's a fun canvas.

  6. Thanks Peggy. Your words are always welcomed.


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