Sunday, January 7, 2018

A new design from A Poore Girl Paints

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Do you ever have a slogan in your head?... a re-occuring saying which applies to you on a daily basis?

Do you think to yourself, "This saying would make a great needlepoint pillow!"

Do your pets look at you... trying to connect intellects? (I'm often the one missing the connection in this scenario.  >^..^< )

My sister stitched a certain needlepoint canvas years ago... well, actually now decades ago!... and I've been looking for the same message to stitch. Alas, to deaf ears.

A Poore Girl Paints has made my dream come true! Looks what just came off the designer's painting table!!! 😊

What part of MEOW do you not understand?
by A Poore Girl Paints

I can't wait to stitch the MEOW version.

... and to not leave out the Dog lovers out... there is one for you, too... WOOF!

What part of WOOF do you not understand?
by A Poore Girl Paints

A Poore Girl Paints is available thru individual needlepoint shops. If you don't have a local needlepoint shop, contact Leigh at or call (334) 270-0064. Wholesale inquiries can be sent to or call (334) 270-0064.

When I get my canvas on the bars, I will have an impromptu "stitch along" with Robin. It will be fun to hold the needle again!

Thank you, Amy Poore!

Until the next time... HUGS!  Robin

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  1. How cute! And appropriate! she said looking at the puppies looking back at her….


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