Sunday, December 10, 2017

Some of Robin's Favorite Christmas Things

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

We are in the 2-week countdown until Christmas 🎄. Yikes! How's it going for you?

I thought I'd get into the Christmas mood and share with you a few of my favorite things.

First up is this delightful stocking stitched and finished by Fran Tylavsky.  The canvas name is Woodland Territorial Santa (TTAXS440) from Susan Roberts Needlepoint; artist, Liz Goodrick-Dillon. Fran attends my local needlepoint classes at Stitchers Inc in Memphis, TN. She recently became a first-time grandmother, and William is the lucky boy for this stocking.

William is a very lucky boy!
Lovingly stitched by Gran Fran.

Fran stitched and finished this stocking this year... in only 8 months (our first class time was April 1, 2017) all while still working her full time job! Here's one of my photos from our class taken 04/01.

Woodland Territorial Santa

Here's one of my favorite things: Teri Ambriz Snowflake Design.

Teri does Snowflakes right!

Teri is a member of the Facebook Needlepoint Nation, and she is a very prolific stitcher. One of her finished pieces had this delightful background. I diagramed it and it is now part of my stitch guide repertoire. Thanks, Teri for your inspiration!

Every holiday/season needs a special cocktail, and my favorite December go-to is from Chef Mario Batali.

Persephone cocktail
One of my favorite things!

It's called Persephone and has 4 wonderful ingredients: Gin, Rosemary simple syrup, pomegranate juice, and a squeeze of lime.  The Gin & Rosemary play nice together, and the Pom color is very festive. Don't be afraid of making the Rosemary Simple Syrup. It really is simple and Chef Mario includes the how-to, too. Here's the link to Mario's website.  It's a must have for those who do.  😊

Need a quick little stitch? Try the Christmas Trees! Very festive.🎄

A stitch for you!

Last, but not least: Christmas Lights. Brilliant idea.💡

Christmas Light by Midge King

My sister, Midge, designed and stitched a bunch of these for her Christmas tree. She used the same stitch different across the color families.

Christmas Lights by Midge King

Once done, then she selected another stitch pattern and made another set. Great way to work with your stash. Here's another idea: you could even make the Lights from the threads of your project you worked during the year. 😊

Well, that's all for now. Would love to hear from you.

Until the next time. HUGS!  Robin

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