Sunday, July 9, 2017

new pastel Painters Threads

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Today's topic is the new pastel colors of Painters Threads. Have you seen them? Did you already know about the original colors of Painters Threads?

Let's start from the beginning... or at least, my knowledge about Painters Threads.

Once upon a time, there was (and still is) a company called YLI Corp. They made the RibbonFloss threads, a soft braided rayon. Originally, they were on a cardboard spool and later they were on a plastic paddle. You might think of them as "cousins" to the Neon Rays threads from Rainbow Gallery.

RibbonFloss color chart

Then the ShimmerBlend RibbonFloss came along; the original RibbonFloss with a touch of Metallic. Again, you might think of them as "cousins" to the Neon Rays Plus threads from Rainbow Gallery.

ShimmerBlend RibbonFloss color chart

Well,  the Painters Threads were born in Germany from the ShimmerBlend RibbonFloss base thread;  hand-painted in wonderful rich colors. Each color way was named for a famous painter whose painting inspired the choice of blended colors. For example... Klimt, Picasso, GrandmaMoses, and Chagall. How about that! You get to stitch with a beautiful thread and get some art history at the same time!!

original Painters Threads
ShimmerBlend Ribbon Floss

I have been a fan of the Painters Threads collection for a very long time. They've expanded their line to also include #4 and #8 Metallic Braid, Soie d'Alger 7 strand Silk Floss, Perle Cotton, Silk Ribbons, Gimp, and Ric Rac. Your local/favorite needlepoint shop can show you all what's available in the Painters Thread line of products.

This round-about introduction now brings me to today's topic: Pastel Painters Threads. 😀  Introducing 10 new colors in pastel shades made with the ShimmerBlend RibbonFloss base.

pastel Painters Threads
ShimmerBlend Ribbon Floss

Row 1
Island - P001, Aruba - P002, Riesling - P003, Pomelo - P004, Suricata - P005

Row 2
Peony - P006, Agave - P007, Koala - P008, Longan - P009, Syringa - P010

Aren't they pretty! I can't wait to use them... and to also include them in upcoming stitch guides!

I would still use my flat iron on these Painters Threads prior to stitching for a nice smooth effect.

For those new to the Needlepoint Study Hall blog, here's a link to my previous discussion on Straightening Neon Rays using a flat iron. Wow! Has it really been 6 years since that posting?!!

Well, that's all for now. Wanted to share with you what's new with me.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

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