Sunday, September 22, 2013

Teaching at In Stitches - Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Usually when I am "off the blog radar" it is because the blinders have been put on and I am focused on deadlines. This was yet, true again. So sorry!

I'd like to conclude my visit to In Stitches for you. Here goes...

The flight from MEM to ATL was easy breezy. Just the way I like it, right? I continued to work on pending stitch guides while at the airport.

Another Stitch Guide in the works
Nutcracker Soldier & Mouse King Cuff  •  Rebecca Wood 1433 

Once on the plane we had a slight delay due to weather in Atlanta so they had us wait on the Memphis tarmac. Oh, the advantages of a window seat. Look who else was waiting.

Sharing the road with FedEx

Finally we took off...

Somewhere between MEM and ATL

... and landed in ATL. Comfortable weather 67 degrees. Can you believe this was August in the south?

Chamber of Commerce weather package

I've had lovely opportunities teaching at In Stitches, and this time it was at their "new" location. Right across the street from their former location; a jewel to behold.

Summertime view
In Stitches - Atlanta

Jeanene Weiner, the new owner of In Stitches, was able to create (from a blank canvas) a wonderful shop. The light fixtures were like jewelry.

Comfortable seating in the class room
In Stitches - Atlanta

The Halloween Room
In Stitches - Atlanta

The bathroom was like a spa experience. I love this wallpaper.

Pretty wallpaper
In Stitches - Atlanta

The threads are arranged by color... so easy for selecting what you need.

The Rainbow Gallery room
In Stitches - Atlanta

The Flowers in a Vase class was taught to a full house. They learned Stumpwork, Ribbon Work, various Beading techniques and decorative composite stitches.

Flowers in a Vase (ND 311)
Stitch Guide by Robin King

I also gave other demonstrations, too.

French Knots, Colonial Knots and Ribbon Flowers

Our hostess, Emeline Loughlin (manager of the newest In Stitches located in Newnan, GA) was the pure essence of southern hospitality. She treated everyone to a southern delicacy: Cheese Straws crackers.

She sent a box of Cheese Straws home for me. They were hand-carried... protected like the precious cargo they were.

Bringing some Georgia memories home with me.
Thanks, Emeline!

Cheese Straws and Wine
Great ending to a great trip

My time at In Stitches was so much fun. Good for the soul, too. I look forward to returning again.

I'm getting ready for another stitching destination. Will talk about it in the next blog.

Until then... Hugs, Robin


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    1. Hi Stephanie. Yes, In Stitches - Atlanta is like a jewelry box. So pretty. Thanks for visiting the blog, too.

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  3. We loved having you at the shop! Everyone is still talking about what a wonderful weekend it was. Can't wait to have you teach again soon. Jeanene

  4. Love your Blog and your sweet comments about my shop! Looking forward to our next weekend together with needles in hand!


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