Friday, May 31, 2013

Halloween Stitch Guides by Robin King

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I am back from my travels to Atlanta. I took another Brenda Hart canvas enhancement class at In Stitches. Good for the soul.

Today's topic: Halloween Stitch Guides. Oh, yes, I've written a few. With Halloween only 5 months away, I thought it would be fun to share with you those available from me.

Leigh Designs - Spookin' (Leigh 5110), Witchen (Leigh 5115), Queen Anne's Revenge (Leigh 7127), and Remilia (Leigh 5137).

Leigh Designs (Leigh 5110)
Leigh Designs (Leigh 5115)
Queen Anne's Revenge
Leigh Designs (Leigh 7127)
Leigh Designs (Leigh 5137)

Melissa Shirley Designs - Witch with Big Pumpkin (MSD 1334-F), Witch with Crow (MSD 1334-C), Halloween Cat Pull Toy (MSD 700), Halloween Crow Pull Toy (MSD 700-B), Large Pumpkin (MSD 663-D), and Harvest Fairy (MSD DM-09).

Witch with Big Pumpkin
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD 1334-F)
Witch with Crow
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD 1334-C)
Halloween Cat Pull Toy
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD 700)
Halloween Crow Pull Toy
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD 700-B)
Large Pumpkin
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD  663D)
Harvest Fairy
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD DM-09)

Kelly Clark Needlepoint - Katt Z. Witch (KCN 9125).

Katt Z. Witch
Kelly Clark Needlepoint (KCN 9125)

Susan Roberts/Tapestry Tent - Witch Pillow (Liz AP-430).

Witch Pillow
Susan Roberts/Tapestry Tent (Liz AP-430)

Renaissance Designs - Renaissance Witch (TT-201).

Renaissance Witch
Renaissance Designs (TT-201)

Brenda Stofft - Halloween Cat with Green Hat (B-133), Cone Good Witch (B-244), and Cone Bad Witch (B-247).

Halloween Cat with Green Hat
Brenda Stofft (B-133)
Good Cone Witch
Brenda Stofft (B-244)
Bad Cone Witch
Brenda Stofft (B-247)

Shelly Tribbey - Gingham Halloween (H 229).

Gingham Halloween
Shelly Tribbey (H 229)

Artists Collection - Myrtle the Boo Queen (MHP H13) and Fanny Witch (MHP 2310).

Myrtle the Boo Queen
Artists Collection (MHP H13)

Fanny Witch
Artists Collection (MHP 2310)

Maggie Co. - Halloween Outfit.

Halloween Outfit
Maggie Co. 

And, of course, the Creepy Characters and the Sugar Skulls stitch guides are still available from NeedleDeeva.

By the way, there will be more Stitch Guides coming in October. I have been asked to be the Teacher at the Pocket Full of Stitches Stitcher's Retreat in September 2013. How cool is that?!!! I was given the choice of which canvas theme for the Retreat. Hmmmm, which one do you think I selected? Halloween and Autumn/Fall canvases, of course! I don't know who is more excited: them or me.

Here is a preview of what's in my future... a total of 20 will be at the Retreat.

As always, email me if you are interested in any of my stitch guides: Shop Owners and Wholesale interest welcome, too.

You can also see a list of my other stitch guides on this blog under the tab: Stitch Guides by Robin King.

Well, time to get to work. LOL. Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. Oh that retreat sounds amazing!

    1. Hi Anne,

      Yes, the PFOS Retreat will be fun, but the "real party" begins in a few weeks at The Needle Bug. Looking forward to seeing you and the Alabama Delegation. Hugs! Robin

  2. I am very, very excited about one of the canvases pictured in your preview of the PFOS retreat-- can you guess which one??? ;)

    1. Hi Ada,
      You should have seen the smile on my face when I saw your design. Too cool.

      Thanks for visiting the blog. Hugs, Robin


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