Friday, June 22, 2012

TNNA/Columbus 2012 – day one

Hi everybody… Robin here.

Today was my first official day at market. This was set up day for all of the designers.

I took a few photos showing the progress of the NeedleDeeva booth. The first thing up was the walls, and then the lights, and then the Fab Firs banner.

This year Team Deeva can consists of Judee (the Deeva herself), Chip (her son), Vicky and myself. Chip did an excellent job of setting up the walls, the lights, and the canvases.

At 5 PM this evening was Sample It. So many shoppers. It was fun to see Barbara Bergsten and her Lily Pulitzer inspired canvases. I saw Mindy: love her new buttons for her new canvases. Associated Talents had new Halloween canvases with adorable spider leg stands. The Collection had new sequins and beads; I will be showing you them later.

Tomorrow is the first full day of shopping for the store owners. It will be very exciting for them. Also, early in the morning, I will be teaching the Lotus Squared canvas by Zecca.

Guess I better put this day in the records book and call it a night. Until tomorrow… Hugs, Robin


  1. Hi Robin, first of all have a fun time at market. I envy all of you who are there. Where did the holders for the Halloween cupcakes come from? They look like ones I bought last year from Target which I am hoping will fit the needledeeva cupcakes I have. If they are the same ones, I will be thrilled. Also, I know you teach stitching classes, but do you ever teach your computer skills, such as how you use photoshop to test stitches and colors?

  2. Looks like lots of work and lots of fun.

  3. Hey Robin, glad to hear you're having fun. Already ordered "Peanut" from ND, reminds me of my Garfield. Have fun


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