Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fab Firs by NeedleDeeva and Vicky de Angelis

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I enjoy working with Judee/NeedleDeeva and being a part of Team Deeva.  I have updated the NeedleDeeva website with previews of new designs coming to TNNA/Columbus. Take a look when you can.

After photographing the finished Fab Firs for her website, Judee asked me to make a 6-foot banner which would be on display in the NeedleDeeva booth for both TNNA/Columbus and TNNA/Baltimore. I was thrilled for the opportunity.

You've heard about the Fab Firs, haven't you? The Fab Firs are beautifully stitched by Vicky de Angelis, and will be the newest Retailer's Club offered by NeedleDeeva in September. Vicky's stitch guides are wonderful and this is an awesome opportunity for all stitchers. All shop owners can contact NeedleDeeva to sign up for this club either in person at Market (Booths 803-805) or from the online information form on the NeedleDeeva website. All triangles are the same size as The Creeps: 4.5" width and 4.5" height; on 18 mesh.

I had just created the magazine ad about the Fab Firs for the upcoming
Needlepoint Now July/August 2012 issue, and decided to keep the same theme going. After all, that's what any ad agency would do, right? So now, we have the Fab Firs ad, the Fab Firs sell sheet, the Fab Firs page on the NeedleDeeva website, and... wait for it... the Fab Firs 6-foot banner.

Ever have a 6-foot banner printed? 72" width by 24" height, to be exact. There was a slight learning curve involved but I did not give up. (The Deeva was counting on me.) Finally, the computer recognized the file, and then, the printer started printing. Oh, happy day!!!!

I snapped this picture with my Phone and emailed to Judee about the blessed event... a banner is born.

The Creeps are excited for their upcoming trip to Columbus. They love to travel and show off. I will take some photos of the trip and post them on the blog. Can't wait to show you this banner in all its glory.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. Great work Robin!! It really shows them in all their glory!, Donnelle

  2. Love the Fab Firs but was wondering where one would find those stands that you used to finish them?

    Rebecca Lake

  3. Hi Rebecca. Thanks for stopping by the blog. The stands on the Fab Firs were designed by Barbara's Needlepoint located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They are a needlepoint shop which also does finishing and happens to be next to a metal shop. Barbara had them designed, and even dyed the ribbon to match. So, the long way around to get the answer... yes, any Fab Firs can be finished like Vicky's. Just send them to Barbara. Hope this helps.


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