Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sugar Skulls by NeedleDeeva

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

When one door closes... another door opens. Same is true with needlepoint. Just finished one project... ready to begin the next.

NeedleDeeva has designed a fun collection of Sugar Skulls. It's cool that needlepoint is getting edgy; a great way to keep current, trendy, and youthful. Plus, these Sugar Skulls make this Halloween gal happy.

I will be stitching these guys and each will come with my stitch guide. I can see Glow-in-the-Dark threads, Beads, and Ribbons in my future... and yours, too.

I will also refer you to read Vicky De Angelis' blog, Mostly Needlepoint, when she was talking about the Dia de los Muertos holiday. Click here for the link. Very interesting.

Look at these fun needlepoint accessories to keep me company: Sugar Skulls magnets and Sugar Skulls Snap Tray. I want to thank my personal shoppers who attended the Destination Dallas Market. Thanks, Vicky and Missy... you are the best!

I will be stitching in style. Yes, this isn't our grandmother's needlepoint.

The Sunflower and Berries (ND 309) is now at the framer. I will pick it up next Saturday, and then I will post its glamour shot. I still have some other blogs to write about its journey, and will post them soon.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter and Passover.

Until the next time... hippity hop hugs to you.  Robin


  1. oh great!!! skulls!!! how did you know? Now, I'm torn....*sigh LOL

  2. Robin

    Those are great and the snap trays and magnets...Ohh La La All the toys while stitching great is that.

    Sue V

  3. Always glad to have some company during a new journey.

  4. Those skulls are awesome! And I can see Sundance flower sequins on them...both large and teeny tiny ones!

  5. Robin, those sugar skulls are going to be wonderful with your creativity. You're tempting me already!

  6. I can only imagine what you wil do to those skulls and I am so looking forward to seeing them. And I love the way you displayed your Easter eggs - awesome

  7. Hi Palma,
    The Easter Eggs are my mom's collection stitched by myself and my sister, Midge. Mom has a wonderful decorating touch and grouped her brass candlesticks collection with the Eggs. Great usage of vertical space, don't you think? All of the finishing was done thru Elizabeth Turner Collection (via M's Canvashouse). Thanks for your kind words.

  8. Barbara... definitely the Sundance Flower Sequins in all sizes for these skulls. Can't wait to bling them up! Thanks for visiting the blog, too.

  9. Nancy, as with each project... you learn to step outside your comfort zone. I will be trying to join the creative energies from Barbara Elmore and Wendy Harwood for this series. Thanks!

  10. Hi, Robin! Those skulls will be so much fun to stitch! First I have to finish the Creeps.
    But I'm in a bunny mood right now and love how your mom has displayed the eggs!!!! I will definitely 'borrow' that idea for next year.
    I live in Frankfort and just spent Friday with Meredith and the M's Canvashouse Gals. Fun times!!!

  11. Hi Rhonda,
    Glad to hear from folks in my old Kentucky home. M's Canvashouse is a wonderful place. It is where I learned there was a new dimension brewing about needlepoint. My sister, Midge, used to work there, too. Please give height to your decorations. My mom would be pleased to know of your inspirations. Glad to know you are doing the Creeps, too. They were so much fun to stitch. Thanks for visiting the blog. Robin