Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunflower and Berries (ND 309) - part four

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Silk Ribbons are on my mind. It's time to add the Silk Ribbon technique for the Sunflower and Berries canvas (ND 309).  Just a reminder: next month, I will be teaching this class at Nashville Needleworks and In Stitches Atlanta. Give them a call to join in the fun. I have so many things to share with the students. I will also be teaching at The Bristly Thistle in October 2012, too... if that fits better for your schedule and location. Hope to see you there.

I used the River Silks Ribbons for this project. It was my first time to use the 13MM size. So lovely. It unfurled off the card and was ready to use. So pretty.

Over the years, my stash of River Silks Ribbons has grown. One might even say... has grown out of control. This week, I decided it was time to find a better way to store and organize my ribbons. After all, they needed... deserved... better respect than to be jumbled up into the same bag.

Here is what I found: a nice group of stackable containers. The transparent plastic allows for a quick glance.

Now, the 4MM ribbons are separated from the 7MM ribbons. The 13MM ribbons are safe, too.

4MM - box 1

4MM - box 2


River Silks Ribbons are sold individually; available from your LNS. They have over 240 colors; both solids and patterned. They come in 4MM, 7MM and 13MM widths.

Have you seen their wonderful collections of ribbons grouped by theme or color?

Here's the link to see the collections from River Silks LTD:

River Silks
Mustards collection
photo from The Needle Bug
Recently, The Needle Bug (Montgomery, Alabama) posted on their blog photos of the River Silks Ribbons collections which they had in stock.

Here's the link:   Give Leigh a call.

How do you store your ribbons? Separate or together with your other threads?

Lana says any way you do it, it's all good. Until the next time.... Hugs, Robin


  1. Thank you so much for the great article on ribbon storage and River Silks! This is very helpful information. I'm posting this on our blog and social media pages.


    Jill K Dutcher
    Marketing/Web Development
    River Silks Ltd

  2. You are welcome, Jill. Your mom (Jean) is a sweetheart, too. Looking forward to seeing River Silks at the Columbus/June 2012/TNNA market.

  3. Hey I will see you all there, too! I am looking forward to it! Thanks for mentioning The Bug, Robin! Can hardly wait till you visit us this fall!!!! always.leigh

  4. Does Lana have a green ribbon collar? :) One thing is cenrtain from the picture: she considers herself part of your work

  5. Hi Leigh. Always great to hear from you. Looking forward to seeing you and teaching at The Needle Bug in October 2012, too.

  6. Hi Palma. Great to hear from you. Yes, Lana's collar is green. She makes for a lovely accent anywhere she goes.

  7. OK, Miss Robin- You officially have more silk ribbon than me! That is
    bad, because I think I have every one of their color sets! LOVE the
    effect of the 13mm. ribbon on the Sunflower...Way Cool! I'll have to keep that in mind! XO dear!


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