Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tea Towels by Glenna

Hi Everybody... Robin here. Today's topic: Tea Towels.

A friend of mine, Glenna Ward, has been stitching Tea Towels for a while. They are decorative and functional... all at the same time. Add your favorite embroidery stitches: French Knots, Backstitch, Wrapped Backstitch, Chain Stitch, Stem/Outline Stitch... to make the cute designs come to life with embroidery floss.

Glenna stitched the Kit Kat Clock. What a great design. It was a purr-fect gift for Vicky De Angelis.

Glenna stitched these Weekday Kittens for me. I just love them. They remind me of our youngest kitten, Lana, who is quite a girly-girl... as far as cats go.

The design patterns and Tea Towels are available at stores such as Hobby Lobby and Hancocks. Iron-on the design, place your Tea Towel in your embroidery hoop, and get ready for creative cuteness. Just imagine what they would look like with threads from your needlepoint stash.

Speaking of cats... look at the new large magnets from Stitchers Inc. They are the same size as the large Flower magnet I purchased recently... about 2 inches. Love the Owl magnet, too. Give Jan a call.

Happy Valentine's Day. Here's a big hug from me to you. Until the next time.

♥ Hugs, Robin


  1. Love the towels, takes me back when I was in school and had to make a gym bag and the front had embroidery on it. That was the start of something great!!
    Sally London

  2. These made me think of my Grandmother, Robin. She made those for me all of the time. When I said I hated to use them because they were so nice, she said, "I made them for you to use." I don't have anymore because she's been gone for a long time now but I still have pillowcases she did.


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