Sunday, February 26, 2012

Memphis Pyramid and Needlepoint

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Beginning a new canvas is so much fun. Planning the stitches. Looking through my thread stash; endless combinations and possibilities. Having a helper named Leo... priceless.

Leo did his part to help me find all of the Red/Pink and Green Threads I might need for the new project. What is my new project, you might ask? Can't reveal it just yet, but please know, it is a wonderful collaboration with Ruth Schmuff. (You can see a sneak peek below.)

Pat (my guy, owner of Business Visuals) was on a photography assignment. I accompanied him and did some stitching while we were driving to the location. The focus of the photo shoot was to show new improvements in Memphis, TN. Pat was documenting the current renovations of the Memphis Pyramid as it becomes the newest location for a Bass Pro Shops.

I like to photograph my current needlepoint along the way. Here's a fun photo which sums it all up.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. Leo cracks me up. I am carefully keeping this from Watson, however, as I don't need a 125 pound dog sitting on my threads/canvases/lap.

  2. Hi Jane. Great to hear from you. Oh.. the visual... Watson as a thread helper. Yes.. we don't want him to be that kind of helper. He can continue as a trusty companion and foot-warmer.

  3. Leo is sch a cutie and I love him sleeping in the box; he was probably exhausted after all the hard work he had to endure.
    Jane, I had to laugh at the thought of Watson in a thread box, hard to picture although I do remember a picture where flower pots were protected from him

  4. Leo is just about too cute!!! Got to show this post to Janet!!! I am like Leo though CURIOUS about the new project! Take care...always. Leigh

  5. Leo is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen and I'm not a cat person...okay, I feel the tomatos hitting me as I write this...where's Lana...not interesting enough for her??

  6. Ah, the kitty 'helper'. I have one of those named Augie. I thought he might be past the playful stage but he insists on helping and supervising all of the projects probably like Leo does. Leo is a darling! And now I am extremely curious about what Ruth has up her sleeves. I'm sure it will be wonderful between her designs/planning and your stitching!


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