Friday, December 9, 2011

HUGS from Robin - part five

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I have a quick preview of the HUGS border to share with you. The Heart Border helps to set the tone of the Hugs message, don't you think?

Heart Border for Hugs canvas (GS-11)
Gayla Elliott Designs offered by Alice Peterson Company
My stitch guide will come with each HUGS canvas (GS-11); available from Alice Peterson Company next month. Your LNS can order this Gayla Elliott canvas at the Phoenix TNNA market.

Hope you have a nice weekend. Until then... Hugs, Robin


  1. The little pastel line down the middle is the perfect final touch!

  2. Hi Jane,
    Good to hear from you. Glad you like the thin accent line. I was pleasantly surprised when it happened, too.

  3. Robin-It looks so good. Will there be instructions on how to change to different colors? I am thinking that this would be a great canvas to stitch for a child going away to college. A little reminder on the bed or chair that Momma and Daddy send hugs. You could do school colors or dorm design colors, etc. Any way you look at it, it looks great.
    BTW, I have enjoyed reading your blog and all the other stitch blogs so much that I started one of my own. Check it out at

    Stephanie in Texas

  4. Love the border and the color. Good choices

    Sue V

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    I loved all of your suggestions about the HUGS canvas. Yes, the stitching for HUGS will have instructions for changing the different colors. I've posted your blog link to the NSH blog list. Congratulations on joining the blogging world.

  6. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the thumbs-up on the border. I really appreciate hearing from you.

  7. Robin-Thank you so much for adding my blog. I feel like I got a star on the walk of fame.

    Merry Christmas!

    Stephanie in Texas


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