Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Village • Rebecca Wood Designs

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Thanksgiving Day is near and I have some photos to share with you.

Thanksgiving Village
Stitched by Maelyse Webb (Memphis, TN)
In 2008, Maelyse Webb (Memphis, TN) attended my Saturday Canvas Enhancement classes with the goal of stitching the Thanksgiving Village by Rebecca Wood Designs. We planned out the first canvas which then inspired the next canvas... eventually all 13 pieces were stitched. Maelyse did an awesome job. She had each one finished with easel backs... what a lovely effect.

RW 021A • Pilgrim 
RW 021B • Mother Pilgrim 
RW 021C • Indian 
RW 021D • Mother Indian
RW 021E • Wood Splitter
RW 021F • Little Girl Pilgrim
RW 021G • Indian and Dog
RW 021H • Indian Girl 
RW 021i • Turkey
RW 021J • Feast 
RW 021K • Canoe
RW 021L • TeePee
RW 021M • Log Cabin
Maelyse enjoys them every year. Glad I could share them with you.

Here's an extra photo. At the time, Tiger was our newest photographer's assistant. He still hadn't learned how to approach the set without disturbing the models. It's a lesson everyone has to learn; however, what a great way to show the easel backs and monogram! Good Tiger.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Until the next time... Robin


  1. Thanks for the wonderful show. Maelyse did a lovely job. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Pat and the varmints! (and by varmints, I mean the cats, not Amy and crew)

  2. I love anything fall! This is wonderful and your assistant looks like LOTS of help! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Pat, Robin

    Thanks for sharing the Thanksgiving pieces by Rebecca. What a nice way to display them

    Sue V


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