Monday, November 7, 2011

Needlepoint Bermuda Bags

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's Monday. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. This morning, I just finished posting some new canvases to Amy's website: Bermuda Bag covers from What's the Point? Designs.

I was searching the needlepoint Bermuda Bag topic and (of course!) the first Google search I ran across was our dear friend, Jane/Chilly Hollow. She has already discussed that topic in April 2011.

Here is her link:

The Bermuda Bag was popular in the 1970's. (I still have my navy Bermuda Bag.) Glad to see the classics come back in style; entering our needlepoint world, too.

So, today, I will further add to the Bermuda Bag topic by sharing some of the photos I took at the TNNA/Columbus June 2011.

We were in the What's the Point? Designs booth; Jill, from Amy's, was with me. She became quite animated over what she was seeing on their wall: Bermuda Bag canvases! They had a finished model, too. Generously, they allowed me to photograph their bag. (Note: thanks to Jill for being the Hand Model, too.)

In June 2011 they had 3 designs:  Tulip Bermuda Bag Cover (219A), Stripe Bermuda Bag Cover (219C), and Confetti Bermuda Bag Cover (219D). Each are on 14 mesh.

Here's a closer look. They stitched one canvas for the front side and had fabric attached to the other side. So clever.

The canvas is attached with buttons. Notice how the arch of the buttons placement on the canvas mimics the arch on the Bermuda Bag form.

Being the thoughtful blogger that I am, I called What's the Point? to see if they had any more designs since the June 2011 Market. Yes, they did have new designs. I spoke with Lynn (a very nice lady!) and through the wonders of technology, Lynn sent the following photos. (These designs are so new... they aren't on their website, yet. Lucky you.)

Mannequin One • 219E 
Damask • 219G
Golf Design
Lynn's own Bermuda Bag with Monogram
What's the Point? wears 2 hats: a wholesale company called What's the Point? Designs as well as a retail needlepoint shop called What's the Point? Needlepoint; both located in Dublin, Ohio. The Bermuda Bags are listed under the Linda Lahm Designs heading of their website. Write down the number and ask your LNS to order, too.

Here's the link:

What's the Point? is also on Facebook, too. Here's their Facebook link:

So, if you are interested in that retro-feel... consider a needlepoint Bermuda Bag. The beauty of the button-attachment is to change it out related to the season or your mood. The canvases are perfect for adding a monogram. What's the Point? has the best finishers, too.

Until the next time... Thanks, Robin


  1. Thanks very much for the update, Robin. I'll let Whitney know as she got me started looking for Bermuda bag info.

  2. I remember these so well. We ordered them from a shop in Dallas called Pappagallo's. Couldn't have enough then and can't wait to needlepoint one now. Thanks, Robin, for the info!

    Stephanie in Texas

  3. and... the canvas design is on 14 mesh. How sweet is that. I love the coordinating fabric on the back side as well as on the inside. Lynn from What's the Point? said there is a Houndstooth design, too. Very interesting! I can't wait to see that one.


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