Sunday, October 8, 2017

3 new Halloween Brenda Stofft stitch guides by Robin

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

A quick blog today; the next plane leaves on Wednesday to the Bristly Thistle in Amelia Island, Florida. This will be my second visit. Looking forward to seeing Michele (owner) and her new location. I will blog about my visit when I'm back home in front of the computer. Look for something Monday 10/16 or Tuesday 10/17.

Today I am entering thread notes and finalizing stitch guides for another teaching destination later this month at The Nimble Needle in Atlanta, GA. Actually, there are 4 days between wheels down (FL) and wheels up (GA). Talk about doing the Hustle!

When I write stitch guides, often I draw/doodle to help me plan the stitch area. Here are some drawings I'm including in the "Witch on Pumpkin" stitch guide (artist, Brenda Stofft; B-125 on 18 mesh). I figure if it helped me visualize the concept, it might also help the stitcher.

"Witch on Pumpkin" • artist, Brenda Stofft • B-125
new Robin King stitch guide

Witch Sleeve
"Witch on Pumpkin" • B-125
new Robin King stitch guide

"Witch on Pumpkin" • B-125
new Robin King stitch guide

"Witch on Pumpkin" also has a canvas mate called "Black Cat" and I've written a stitch guide for it as well. The canvas is B-125 on 18 mesh and is also by Brenda Stofft Designs.

"Black Cat" • artist, Brenda Stofft • B-125
new Robin King stitch guide

Notice the stitch called Henderson Variation 4 (Sheena)

Henderson Variation 4 (Sheena)
a great design with lots of movement

I saw it on the Sheena's Sweet Stitches blog. Do check it out. Lots of great ideas. 

[Side bar: When I see a new stitch, I honor the original author by including their name in the title. Who's Sheena? A very talented lady!]

Rounding out this trio of new Halloween canvas stitch guides for the Atlanta classes is "Dancing Witch" by Brenda Stofft  (B-223) on 18 mesh.  Wouldn't these be fun to stitch?!! 

"Dancing Witch" • artist, Brenda Stofft • B-223
new Robin King stitch guide

Well, I better get back to typing. These stitch guides won't get done without me!! 

Until the next time...  HUGS!  Robin

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