Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Teaching at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

I've dialed in The Wayback Machine for the next event which was in October.  Join me for the ride...

October 25-27, 2014 ... The Nimble Needle-Atlanta

Three days at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta: one day of Help Sessions and two days of Canvas Enhancement. What fun we had!

Here was the line up of canvases: Amanda Lawford, Sandra Gilmore, Treglown Designs/Charley Harper, Melissa Shirley Designs, JP Needlepoint, Susan Roberts, Associated Talents, Tapestry Fair, Danji/Laurel Burch, Colors of Praise, Julia's Needleworks/Chicho, and Point of It All Designs.

new stitch guides by Robin King

Stacy Brown (owner of The Nimble Needle-Atlanta) took these brilliant "beauty shots." Look at the fun threads, beads and ribbons.

Fretwork Tassels Button #2
Associated Talents • D1416

Cat Carson Western Scout
Treglown Designs • HC-C21 artist, Charley Harper

Pigs are big
Treglown Designs • CH-P017 artist, Charley Harper

Blue Crab
Point of It All Designs • P180

Tortoise in Aqua & Lime
Point of It All Designs • P181A

Egyptian  Elephant with Palm Trees
JP Needlepoint • A256

Halloween Banner
Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD 1352

Santa, Reindeer, & Basket of Toys
Susan Roberts • 0156

Colors of Praise • MC320

Soul Singer
Julia's Needleworks • Chicho 05

White Santa
Amanda Lawford • AL-7051

Wild Horses
Danji • LB-32, artist Laurel Burch

It was a treat to see some finished pieces from my previous Canvas Enhancement classes at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta. What a talented group of stitchers!

Head Games
Sandra Gilmore • SG-13-032
Stitched by Sheila King
Atlanta, GA

Brown Pelican (CH-B092)
Louisiana Heron (CH-L090)
Treglown Designs, artist Charley Harper
Stitched by Judy Hales
Atlanta, GA

Treglown Designs • HC-P102
Stitched by Penny Boswinkle
Atlanta, GA

I really enjoy visiting The Nimble Needle-Atlanta and look forward to my return visits in 2015: February, April, July and October. Hope to see you there!

What a view!
It was time to head back home... to board the flight back to Memphis.

Cheers for a job well done!
I had my "celebratory" Pink Lemonade Martini (available only in October); supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here's a stitch for you.

Until the next time... Hugs!  Robin


  1. LOVE all those canvases... You are on my bucket list!! :) Some day.....

  2. Hi Robin. I'm a relative newbie to "real" needlepointing. I've stitched for years but always from kits and only the basic stitch. I'm working on the tortoise you show above ... just finishing up the shell this week. I love the shimmery purple and white you're using. I'd love the stitch guide for the rest ... that is where I think I can get more creative than the basic stitch. Can you share?

  3. so glad i stumbled on you blog. I mentioned it on FaceBook Needlepoint Nation group. thanks Joan