Sunday, June 8, 2014

new Jolly Nutcracker Ornaments by dede Ogden

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

Have you seen the new Jolly Nutcracker Ornaments from dede Ogden distributed by Fleur de Paris ?

They are based on her Jolly Nutcracker Collection Pillow...

Jolly Nutcracker Collection Pillow (ED-4004SPB)

and large Christmas Jolly Nutcracker Collection Stocking.

Jolly Nutcracker Collection Stocking (ED-4004)

You may remember I wrote the stitch guide for the Jolly Nutcracker Collection Pillow and it was stitched for a class event at 3 Kittens Needle Arts in MN.

Jolly Nutcracker Pillow (ED-4004SPB)
stitch guide by Robin King

You can refresh your memory on the blog with this link: Jolly Nutcrackers by dede Ogden and Robin King.

After many requests, dede decided to paint individual Jolly Nutcrackers and make them ornament size. Each are on 18 mesh and are about 4" x 5".

Then, dede called me and asked if I would write a stitch guide for each of the new Nutcrackers. How cool was that! Of course, I said yes... and now each Jolly Nutcracker in the series comes with my stitch guide. Sweet!

Drum roll, please... now introducing... the new Jolly Nutcracker Ornaments (available through your Local/Favorite Needlepoint Shop).

Sweetheart Nutcracker (ED-17134)
comes with Robin King stitch guide

Cajun Nutcracker (ED-17135)
comes with Robin King stitch guide

Cossack Nutcracker (ED-17136)
comes with Robin King stitch guide

Tyrolian Nutcracker (ED-17137)
comes with Robin King stitch guide

Brit Nutcracker (ED-17138)
comes with Robin King stitch guide

Basque Nutcracker (ED-17139)
comes with Robin King stitch guide

Celtic Nutcracker (ED-17140)
comes with Robin King stitch guide

Nordic Nutcracker (ED-17141)
comes with Robin King stitch guide

I am thankful for this creative opportunity. Many thanks, again, to dede Ogden.

Until the next time... HUGS, Robin


  1. Wild applause and cheers are coming from Chilly Hollow. I absolutely LOVED what you did with the nutcrackers you worked up for 3 Kittens, so I know folks will have a blast working the individual nutcrackers. Thanks for letting us know, Robin. [Jane makes a mad dash for the CH Stitch guides blog....]

  2. You and dede are among the best!


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