Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Slippers" by Gail - Colors of Praise (MC-226)

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

Last October 2013,  I did a Canvas Enhancement class at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta. Gail A. selected a canvas called "Slippers" by Colors of Praise (MC-226) for some stitch suggestions.

She casually mentioned she did like to do beadwork. Boy, oh boy, did she ever! Gail finished the "Slippers" and here's some photos for you to enjoy.

I am very pleased how the entire piece turned out. Gail and The Nimble Needle-Atlanta did a brilliant job interpreting my vision and making a gorgeous masterpiece.

Here's the stitch for the Border. I call it "Slanted Gobelin over Laid Fill." You get a fun visual effect when stitching with light coverage. We used Elegance (fine twisted Silk Pearl #8) for the Laid Foundation and 2 strands Splendor Silk Floss for the Slanted Gobelin units.

If you are interested in this stitch guide just let me know.
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Hope everyone had a nice Easter. I'm getting ready to go back to The Nimble Needle-Atlanta at the end of the week for more Canvas Enhancement classes. I will be sharing details in the next blog.

Until then...           HUGS, Robin

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  1. What a brilliant collaboration among designer, stitch guide writer and stitcher! This is amazing.


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