Sunday, February 2, 2014

Halloween Village adventure with Robin King

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

Last year I had the opportunity to write a stitch guide for the Halloween Village canvas (Melissa Shirley Designs MSD 1627-C). I first saw the canvas at the TNNA Market and really connected with it... remember, I do like Halloween.

Halloween Village • Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD 1627-C
20" x 8.5" on 18 mesh
Stitch guide by Robin King

It was suggested that I stitch the piece myself and offer it as a monthly club...
a "Stitch Along with Robin" adventure, if you will.

I asked Stacy Brown/The Nimble Needle-Atlanta if she would like to join me in this project. I would stitch the Halloween Village and write the guides, and customers would get the canvas and thread kits from The Nimble Needle-Atlanta.

She said yes and so the journey begins.

In April 2014, the first "kit" will go out: the canvas, thread kit #1 and instructions #1. There will be 6 kits in total shipped about every 6 weeks. I am using my original stitch guide as a base, but it is adjusted with new inspirations, stitches and techniques. I am stitching it with full passion and a love for all things creative.

On The Nimble Needle-Atlanta's website there is a Halloween Village page which will list the schedule of the outgoing kits as well as the price of each kit. There will also be tricks and treats sent out along the way. What a fun time we will have.

Here's the link:

Halloween Village information from
The Nimble Needle-Atlanta website

I plan on setting up a special Halloween Village Facebook group so we can encourage each other, share our show'n tell progress, and address any questions which might benefit the group. I have been taking "behind the scene" photos as I stitch each section and can share them, too. I can also post some video in case a technique isn't obvious by the diagram. How cool is that? Like I said... it will be a complete "Stitch Along with Robin" adventure.

Look for our ad in the Needlepoint Now magazine. It is very clever. We've posted one ad in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue and have this ad ready for the March/April 2014 issue. We want all eyes to see.

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta ad in Needlepoint Now

Speaking of eyes... you know how important the eyes are to any piece. In my opinion that's where the personality begins.

Cat and Pumpkin in Kit #1 - before
Halloween Village • Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD 1627-C
Stitch Guide by Robin King

Cat and Pumpkin in Kit #1 - after
Halloween Village • Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD 1627-C
Stitch Guide by Robin King

If you are interested in joining the fun... give The Nimble Needle-Atlanta a call
(404) 843-8687 or email them:

Already have the Halloween Village canvas in your stash? No problem. You can still join the adventure. Just give The Nimble Needle-Atlanta a call.

OK... that's it for now. Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

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