Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hug Me Company and Miss Malibu

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

One of my favorite sayings is Hugs, but did you know there is a company based in New Orleans, LA called Hug Me Company?

Yes, there is. The owner is Amy Yuseph. The Hug Me Company makes elegant bags and accessory bags for needlepoint, knitting, travel and general use.

I first met Amy while attending the TNNA Market. Her booth was filled with her fabric bags. Beautifully made; workmanship in the USA. Fabrics to envy. Quality craftsmanship. I'm sure your favorite needlepoint shop carries the Hug Me Company line. Knitting Shops carry them, too.

Recently, Vicky De Angelis did a wonderful blog about the Hug Me Company. With her permission, here are some of her photos from the Mostly Needlepoint blog:

I also have a Hug Me Bag to show you... a new envelope shape; just purr-fect for smaller projects; like the size of the Fab Firs by NeedleDeeva, for example.

Look at the inside. Love the fabric. Notice how the design of the envelope flap aligns with the body. It measures 13" W  x 11.5" H and has a zippered pocket inside as well as a zippered closure. Nice.

(P.S. here's a peek of something I'm currently stitching for Ruth Schmuff. So cute. I will share it with you on another day.)

Here is the link for the Hug Me Company website: http://www.hugmeco.com/  There, you can see the styles and the fabrics available. Here are some screenshots from her website.

Which brings me to another, yet related, topic: the 2013 Miss Malibu contest. Question: What does the Hug Me Company and the 2013 Miss Malibu contest have in common? Answer: Arielle Yuseph, of course.

Arielle Yuseph is the daughter of Amy Yuseph. Arielle is a needlepointer and a knitter, and she is entering the 2013 Miss Malibu contest.  How cool is that?

And... Arielle needs our help.  This year, the 2013 Miss Malibu contest is noticing who get the most  "likes" on the Miss Malibu Facebook page; the results will be part of the selection process.

Here's the link:  https://www.facebook.com/miss.malibu  and scroll down until you find Arielle's entry. Then "Like" her photo as well as "Like" the Miss Malibu page.

The pageant takes place August 18, 2012 (which is this coming Saturday) so be sure to "Like" Arielle today and wish her the best success.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

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