Thursday, July 21, 2011

Insomnia by Maggie Co and Jeanju Clifton

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Hope you are doing fine. I've been busy stitching the newest (#10) Creepy Character from NeedleDeeva for its debut at Ruth Schmuff's shop, Bedecked & Beadazzled, during my trip to Baltimore for TNNA Fall Market. His name is The Skeleton (ND 0467-J) and will be available from Ruth. You can take the class in person as well as mail order; just contact them for information.

Speaking of classes... there are 11 seats remaining for my Fraidy Cat class on Friday, August 12, 2011. Any Shop Owners attending the Baltimore/TNNA Fall Market with 3 hours to spare, come join me from 2PM-5PM. You get the canvas, stitch guide, threads and ME. I would love to see you.

OK... now to our topic, Insomnia. Luckily I don't have it, although if I did, I would make use of my time and get more stitching done. LOL. Here is a needlepoint titled, INSOMNIA, from artist Jeanju Clifton. I have a story about it (of course) so here goes.

Several years ago, Pat (my guy), photographer/owner of Business Visuals, photographed the original artwork for artist, Jeanju Clifton. The name of the piece was "Insomnia." When I saw the art, I said to myself, "This would be the best piece for needlepoint."

It took me several years but finally I got Jeanju and Maggie Co together to represent/sell the design. You can see it on the Maggie Co website (MAG 687) by clicking on this link:

I asked Amy Bunger to create a Custom Stitch Guide for Insomnia (she did) and I stitched it. It is one of my cherished pieces because I brought it to needlepoint life. I even learned how to knit. I went to my local knit shop in Memphis called Yarniverse, and told them I had specific needs to learn how to knit. I brought in the Insomnia canvas and showed them where the knitting was going.

I learned on "average" knitting needles with "no big deal" yarn. Then, I applied my new skills (LOL... I can't talk and knit at the same time!) to the stitch guide suggested thread: Poppies by Gumnut Yarns. I used 0000 Bamboo Knitting Needles for the best size/proportion. (ooohwee... they were tiny!) Then, I cut the Bamboo Knitting Needles in half, glued a wooden bead, knitted half onto each stick, and placed them within her wire-wrapped hands so that Insomnia would be actually knitting the scarf. You know me... if you're gonna do it... do it right!

Insomnia is wearing a Chenille robe made of Colonial Knots. Her curler cap was Gathered Flair, and I even found a tiny curler to add for realism. Notice the Pearl Earring? Our lady is styling. And, ... each cat is wearing a knitted sweater. OMG. So funny.

I entered Insomnia at the ANG in 2005. Didn't win any ribbons but did win the attention of Tony Minieri and Judy Souliotis; priceless. Here's the link to their comments:

So, if you have insomnia, love cats, love to knit or just want to stitch some humor, check out INSOMNIA from Maggie Co (MAG 687) and the Amy Bunger Stitch Guide. It's tried and true.

Thanks, Robin

P.S. here's a quick photo of Leo and Lana, our new kittens. Sweet peas, indeed.


  1. Loved the story but above all love the kittens. Congratulations on the new additions - they're adorable.
    Looking forward to meeting you at Ruth's in August

  2. Yea, new kittens! They are so cute! Love your pieces and am really looking forward to your class in Montgomery! Funny, your topic. I couldn't sleep last night and I got up and stitched. It is not usual for me, but when I can't sleep, I stitch! See you soon!


  3. Ooooooo! Kittens! What a pair! They are going to be so much fun!

    Insomnia is darling, Robin, but nothing catches my eye like kittens. Congratulations on having two new babies in your life. (Guard your stitching with your life.)

  4. Love the Kitties, and Insomnia. I have been lusting over that piece for a long time, since I knit, love, cats and of course needlepoint is my Life!! Who knows, I may be calling Jill soon......

  5. The piece for introduction at Bedecked & Beadazzled looks super! Another great combination of talents from Needle Deeva & Robin King!
    Insomnia is a hoot and an incredible story.
    Finally, I am sure that those are the luckiest kittens in the world. Enjoy! (Don't spoil them too much in he first month, Robin).

  6. Hi Everybody. Thanks for your kind words. The kittens are a welcome addition. They were adopted from Collierville Animal Services; just outside of Memphis. Brother & Sister litter mates. They were already spayed/neutered and micro-chipped. (These are 21st century cats, indeed.) They play hard together, purr together, and are synchronized fly catchers. They will visit the blog again, soon. Thanks, Robin

  7. Ohhhhhh, Robin & Pat! You Lucky Parents!!!
    I am having severe Kitten Lust...
    Have fun with the little Rascals!!!


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