Sunday, December 3, 2017

Robin meets A Poore Girl Paints Needlepoint Design

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Last week we talked about teaching at The Needle Bug in Montgomery, AL. I met one of their customers, Amy Poore, who was taking my class. Very vivacious and engaging. A fun person to be around ... and a talented stitcher, too.

Turns out, Amy is also a needlepoint designer. Her company is A Poore Girl Paints. Clever name, right? 😊  I'd like to introduce her to the viewers on the Needlepoint Study Hall blog.

A Poore Girl Paints

I asked Amy how she started her needlepoint design business, A Poore Girl Paints. Here's what she said...
"I started stitching about 3 years ago and around a year ago I started painting things for myself - things I couldn't readily find available. I found that other people liked those types of designs as well. I really wanted to bring Needlepoint to the next generation, and I think my canvases relate to that generation, along with other generations. I've started also teaching beginner Needlepoint classes to my friends in hopes of finding new people to fall in love with my favorite addiction."  Amy Poore, owner
How lucky are we to have Amy's fresh vision and passion join our needlepoint industry!

A Poore Girl Paints is available thru individual needlepoint shops. If you don't have a local needlepoint shop, contact Leigh at or call (334) 270-0064. Wholesale inquiries can be sent to or call (334) 270-0064.

While I was teaching at The Needle Bug, new canvases from A Poore Girl Paints had just arrived from the painting service. It was like Christmas 🎄, Valentines 💘, and Halloween 🎃 all rolled up into one thrilling reveal! Here are a few which caught my eye.

Merry Christmas
A Poore Girl Paints

Happy Fall Y'all!
A Poore Girl Paints

Gone to the Beach
A Poore Girl Paints

Beach Sunglasses
Cityscape Sunglasses
A Poore Girl Paints

(Note, I added the Watermarks to the canvases to protect her designs while on the Blog. Of course, your canvases will come pretty without Watermarks.)

A Poore Girl Paints is very savvy with social media. (I'm taking notes, Amy. 😊) Look for her on Facebook as well as Instagram. You will want to follow for sure! Here are those links:

A Poore Girl Paints on Facebook

A Poore Girl Paints on Instagram

A Poore Girl Paints has been in business for a few years; check out her website and see all of their designs. Amy covers the holidays as well as modern-day messages. She's keeping us youthful and relevant... and that's a good thing! 😊

Life is Short.
Eat the damn cake.
A Poore Girl Paints

Until the next time... HUGS!  Robin

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